"WriteSizing" for us, was a smart take on "rightsizing" (an HR term). This well-thought-of nomenclature was supposed to showcase our wit in capturing the essence of our blog - The marriage of HR (Human Resources), creative writing and fun (a polygamy, if you may). But we were soon shot down by the blank faces our dear non-HR friends donned on hearing this title. Post which we found ourselves walking them through the original "rightsizing" in HR and then to our title, and then to how our title is "mind-blowing", by when we managed to suck the life out of the title. So we decided that this description in writing would save us from the multiple oral explanations henceforth. But wait, what is 'rightsizing' then? If you already know, hey fellow HR-ian, we hope you have a good read with us! But if you don't, then we welcome you and thank you for giving us this beautiful opportunity to take you through the myriad facets of this wholesome function - Human Resources. 

Quick Trivia as a welcome gift to our HR-newbies :

Does ‘downsizing’ scare you? Of course, it does. Downsizing is the process of terminating employees not because they are at fault, but due to the resulting inefficiencies. Thus, to avoid this emotional trauma, people managers today believe in rightsizing. ‘Having’ the right number is better than ‘making’ it right later. The reason rightsizing has become so important is companies must ensure top-notch efficiency besides being profitable. So instead of downsizing, HR decision-makers resort to rightsizing, a proactive approach, to achieve optimality. Mirroring this philosophy, we bring you the right content with our blog -  ‘Writesizing’!


"Archana Ramachandran possesses the most powerful combination of knowledge, confidence, and modesty. She chooses to keep her life simple and enjoys it to the fullest. Her choice of words and her flow of thought, makes her writing look beautiful and effortless. I am sure anyone who reads it, would agree with me."

- SInchita S

Sinchita S

"Sinchita S is the personification of warmth and love. The unabashed affection she holds for her people, coupled with her extensive knowledge in HR, makes her a star in this domain. Her humility in swiftly rejecting the previous sentence is a quality unmatched and is mirrored in her undeterred desire for learning. Her words are my source of wisdom, fun and strength, and shall soon be yours too!"

- Archana Ramchandran

Archana Ramchandran




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