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Leader's Weapon: A double-edged sword

Have you ever found yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place? It’s not uncommon. We’ve all been there. While we are troubled with choices in our tiny little world, leaders face it beast-sized!

Leaders today, often find themselves stuck in an unending circle of paradoxes. They find it difficult to strike a balance between being tech-savvy but humanist, a person with a global mindset but locally aware, a humble-hero, a high integrity politician, and many others. Such paradoxes are never short in supply! The choice is rather difficult since you’ve sweat blood to achieve something, while still not being good enough. To collaborate or compete, to be dynamic or to be within the boundary, to lead on the front or from the back is a difficult conundrum. Such paradoxes are ubiquitous in almost all leader-driven sectors. It’s very similar to the fight of the heart and the mind, a perplexing situation. Certain paradoxes are black or white making it a relatively easy choice, but there are a few that seems almost impossible to choose -for instance, a humble hero!

The organizational paradoxes are also a challenge, but resolving leadership paradoxes is critical as the cognitive behavior of leaders not only impact themselves but also their work environment. One thing’s for sure, solving leadership paradoxes paves the way to solving organizational paradoxes. From the flaws and sins of bureaucracy to faith and strength in servant leadership, the world has witnessed various leadership styles. While Obama was famous for his leadership style, Hitler was notorious. But one cannot deny the difficult choices they had to make as leaders.

So, what’s the secret? Can acceptance and integration of behavior be the solution? Leaders who have found answers themselves share that the only way to face it, is to make a choice at the right time and in the right situation. Few also suggest that leaders need to be ambidextrous – a tough row to hoe, but successful. And, any method that can reduce the tension between the two contradicting leadership paradox is the best solution! But, be careful it can be a double-edged sword too!

- Sinchita S


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