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The ‘L’ in ‘L&D’ is not silent.

‘Learning and Development’ has always been an underdog of the HR world. I use the word “underdog” because of the department’s tendency to always find itself proving its mettle to the Board. But 2020 has witnessed the “Rise of the Underdog” (Insert imaginary, impactful victory music here).

COVID-19 has pushed India into a virtual economy overnight, and L&D seems to be pioneering this move. L&D emerges winner during these dark times due to its ability to be hosted online, impact lives and promote employee engagement. Recently, NSDC India has teamed up with TCS iON to integrate its e-Skill platform; BHEL has launched around 230 training opportunities impacting 21000 employees nationwide. Adding to that, a lot of my dear friends are averaging about 40 courses online in 2 months to amplify their resumes and also to annoy us lazy ones. (Also, if you are not new to my articles, yes, my rants about the wrath of the MOOCs shall never end!)

The Linkedin Workplace Learning Report of 2019 (a smart move that I shall pry on later), stated that the relevance of these learning programs was the second-most important area of focus, right after budget management. The aspect of relevance is what interests me the most.

As a student, I have, much like my peers, dissed ‘Differential Calculus’ for having zero relevance in our daily lives. So the idea of irrelevance is not new to us, which is why, I believe, it does not come as a shock to us when presented with the same issue at the workplace. Training modules have been reduced merely to a “click-click & submit” ritual than one that imparts relevant, applicable knowledge. Knowledge, in today’s world, is devoid of imbalance. It is abundant and available to all. This abundance is another reason for L&D programs to be stream-lined, relevant and tailor-made for individual needs.

Why Linkedin Learning impresses me - Not only does it provide a rich platform for learners, but is also a proud owner of a plush database on global learners, which it uses to radically transform this business. Allianz and Kellog (among many others) have teamed up with Linkedin Learning to provide state-of-the-art learning platforms to their employees, which is great! I mean, if you got it, flaunt it, right?

So here’s hoping that L&D in 2020 makes a loud, dashing re-entrance, for the “L” in the L&D is not silent.

P.S: This article is not sponsored by Linkedin Learning. Although, if this reaches you guys, some money my way won't hurt.

- Archana Ramchandran


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