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To each, his phone.

“To each, his own” derived from “Suum cuique” (The inner foodie in me calls it 'some quiche') - a Latin phrase popularized for its profound take on justice – Justice is served when each person minds his own business. I am not going to say his/her business anymore as I am tired, and I hope people subconsciously understand the existence of a ‘her’ when a ‘he’ is typed (deep, I know).

My world seems to be revolving around my phone these days. The lockdown has furthered my bond with my phone as it helps me stay virtually connected to the world around me. But familiarity breeds contempt. And I would like to go back to having kind-hearted pigeons send messages for me now, without charging me a delivery fee for it.

Being a tech-noob, I hate being forced into this era of virtualization but with this hatred, comes immense learning. I have learnt, by rote, the ‘steps to conduct meetings effectively’ for my exams, but reality hits me when I find myself wondering why I am in a meeting that might as well have been a mail. This era must begin with extensive training on how meetings should be kept short, simple and structured. For having read till here, as a thank you, here are a few knacks that I have learnt along my way:

· Choice of medium is crucial – Whether phone calls, text messages, video calls or mails, your choice of medium must be justified by your content. Refrain from holding video calls for announcements (dressing up for it is pain-staking); Refrain from using texts for group discussions, you will end up with a lot of chaos and reduced phone space.

· Agenda – A clear-cut agenda before any meeting is as crucial as breathing is to life (Okay I am probably exaggerating due to internal turmoil, but yes.) Having an agenda helps provide context.

· Keep it short – (That’s hopefully not what she said :P) Long meetings must be done away with altogether. I am worried that I will be thrown out of a company for suggesting this, but I shall go out on a limb and beseech everyone to keep meetings concise. We have other things to do – Watching tik-tok videos is one of them. (Not too proud of it, but yes.)

· Choice of participants – Invite only those who could add value to the conversation. Being in a meeting that has zero relevance to your work is worse than admitting to being a tik-tok fan.

In the interest of the 3rd bullet, I end here.


- Archana Ramchandran


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